How much does a Solar Panel system cost?

Solar Panels Geelong pride themselves in delivering bespoke solutions that suit individual needs. So, we don’t have a one solution that fits all system. Consequently, we don’t quote prices on our website, however, we do provide a FREE assessment and appraisal service.

What size solar system do I need?

The size of the system is dependent on how much your average electricity consumption is and your budget for your new solar power system. We try and balance the size of the system and the cost to make sure we cover your needs.

Our FREE energy appraisal and assessment will involve analyzing your current electricity bills to determine your average electricity consumption. This process also includes a site analysis to determine the suitability of the property.

How much money will I save?

Your current average electricity usage and the size of the solar system you install will affect how much money you save by using solar. In addition, your usage habits will also affect how much you can save.

For example, a solar system will obviously produce electricity during the day. If you are not home to use this electricity, then it will be fed back into the grid. You will get paid a small credit for each kW sent back to the grid, but it won’t be as much as you will pay your electricity company for electricity used at night time. So, to take advantage of your solar system, you want to consume most of your electricity during the day, such as doing the washing, dishwashers, pool pump, etc.

The alternative option to this is of course installing a battery to store the electricity generated during the day for use during the night. This will save you the most money however your initial outlay will be higher due to the battery and wiring costs.

What are the government rebates available?

Unfortunately, solar PV rebates are currently closed however will re-open on 1st July 2019. In addition, there were will be an offering of no-interest loans, solar for rental properties and solar battery rebates.

What happens if it is a cloudy day, will my system still produce electricity?

Yes, your solar system will still produce electricity on cloudy days, however it will be at a lower rate. On extremely dark days the rate maybe too low to power the inverter so the system will shut off; the same as it does during the evening as it gets darker.

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Our team will certainly advise you of your eligibility for any rebates at the time of carrying out your assessment.

Does your company offer finance?

Yes. We have no deposit and no interest finance options available.

What is meant by an “off-grid” system?

Most smaller end residential solar power systems supplement the existing electricity supply from the grid. This means that whilst they are still generating nice, clean renewable energy, your home is still connected to the electricity network as the solar system may not be able to fulfill all your energy needs.

On the other end of the scale are larger solar systems which are capable of providing all the energy needs for a particular installation and not connected to any electricity supplier. These systems are rather expensive because as well as the solar panels they need a mechanism to store electricity such as batteries. Due to their expense, most off-grid systems can be found in larger commercial installations or in cases where connection to the grid is not economically viable, e.g. far remote or isolated properties.