We design and implement leading-edge technology solar systems since we keep refining our systems to ensure we are using the latest and greatest advances in technology.

Enjoy a steady supply of power to your home, shop, commercial building or farm. Cherish the savings to be had when you have a solar system installed by Solar Panels Geelong. A brand-new solar power system provides you with cheaper power bills, and it also adds significant property value.

From 1.5kW systems up to 20kW off-grid and hybrid systems, we can design solutions that meet and exceed your needs and requirements.

You’ll get the very latest that current technology has to offer, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a system that provides exceptional efficiency.

If you already have an idea and want to talk it through with someone, then call us. Whatever your notion is, we’re here to give you our insight and advice.

Residential Solar Systems

Cut down on your electricity bills thanks to a solar system which is designed to offer you the most performance for your budget and circumstances. Our technicians will talk to you about your requirements before designing a system which suits your property and its electricity usage, as well as your budget of course.

Various factors can cause impact to the costs involved with a solar power system. The amount of electricity that you consume is a primary one, as is the applicable area in which solar panels can get installed on.

Right now, the next big primary cost of a solar power system would be the solar battery. If you’re looking to get one installed, you need to know that the costs are still rather high. Having said that, we do anticipate battery prices will fall in the next few years.

The Advantages Of Solar Power Systems:

  • Cut down or even stop your electricity bills
  • Grow the appeal and value of your property
  • Clean and renewable power which lowers your dependence on any fossil fuels
  • Durable with low maintenance
  • Potential Government Scheme eligibility with rebates.

The Advantages Of Solar Panels Geelong:

  • Totally customised service, starting with your initial inquiry all the way through to support post-installation
  • Take comfort in the fact that your system is being designed then installed by certified and experienced technicians who are amongst the industry’s best
  • Take advantage of a business with many years industry experience and service in Victoria, one that has implemented a wide variety of solutions for different situations.

Commercial Solar

Solar power systems can also help businesses and any commercial premises and provide an effective ROI. There are quite a few electricity usage profiles across the commercial sector and in our experience, nearly all of them can benefit on a financial level if they install a solar power system.

The solutions we offer include a wide variety of options. Depending on your specific needs, we can do supplemental systems, hybrid systems, and total battery/off-grid systems.

We’ve done quite a few Geelong sites, and we’re happy to help you out with your electricity needs.

Off-Grid Power Systems

Off-grid power systems need a battery in order to store electricity, and they’re often used frequently when grid access isn’t economically viable. Off-grid systems also get implemented anytime a client simply prefers this kind of installation.

Since the battery is necessary to store the power, an off-grid system will typically cost more than a hybrid system.

Enjoy the sustainability and reliability that our fully customized and designed solutions can provide you.

Hybrid Systems

Our hybrid systems can also use either a battery or multiple batteries to store electricity. Having said that, the distinction between our off-grid and hybrid systems is that our hybrid systems still get connected with the grid.

A grid connection means that your back-up power supply is the grid, and you wouldn’t need a backup generator like off-grid systems do.

This typically makes a hybrid system more affordable than an off-grid system.

Hybrid systems can even feed power back into the grid. This will happen when battery systems get full and any draw put on the solar system is so minimal that the system is only producing excess electricity above what’s required at the time.

Additional information is on our homepage at Solar Panels Geelong.